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1. How do I start to play Handiblox robot?

Take out the screen from the product box and press the “” button for 3~5 seconds. When you see the screen light up. You may start to play it.

2. How do I know if I have assembled the robot properly?

Please refer to the assembly guide and assembly video on the robot’s screen or videos on our website

3. How should I assemble the robot’s servo?

Please refer to the assembly guide and follow the steps accordingly. Improper installation of the servo may break the servos and in such case the manufacturer doesn’t warrant the repair of the servo. Please pay attention to the notices as below:

4. How do I know if I have assembled the robot properly?

If the robot’s assembly is wrong, robot’s body will keep shaking for 1~3 seconds or you will hear very obvious mechanical sound when you turn or move the robot’s arms or feet. These means your robot is not properly assembled. In such cases, please check your robot with the assembly guide to make sure all your servos are connected in the right direction. The trangle’s sharp corner should always point up above the servo number.

If the robot’s assembly is right, there will be no shaking or obvious mechanical sound.

5. What I can play after assembling the robot?

After assembling the robot, you can either command the robot to do whatever actions you coded on the code block or you can make breakthroughs in the mission part. The robot also have other functions, to add more fun, please discover other functions by yourself.

6. What do I need to do after finishing assembling Handi?

Please connect Handi with the wi-fi and download Handi app on your mobile devices.

7. Where can I download Handi app?

Search “Handi” in your app store, find the icon the same as “” in your app store and download it.

8. How can I control Handi by my mobile devices?

Firstly, you should open the bluetooth of your cellphone. When you enter into the code block or mission block on your app, please press the bluetooth button on the upper right place of your mobile screen, and then press your robot. After the bluetooth turn into, you can start to control your Handi robot by your mobile devices.

9. Where can I check my Handi’s name when I want to add my Handi robot to the app?

Please enter into the settings on your Handi robot’s screen and choose “bluetooth” to check the name of your Handi robot.

10. Can I control several Handi robots via one mobile device?

This function has been put on our development plan but haven’t achieved yet.

11. What’s “Meet Handi”?

“Meet Handi” is a function that can set up the user’s identity of the Handi via face recognition.

12. What can I do to improve the status of Handi?

Playing with Handi, doing the missions, cleaning Handi’s home, buying things for Handi will help to improve Handi’s status.

13. Can Handi be controlled by several cellphones at the same time?

It can be connected by several cellphones at the same time, but it won’t conduct all the action commands simultaneously. It will stop receiving commands until it finishes doing the present command.

14. How long is the warranty time of my robot?

For different parts of the robot, the warranty time is different. Please refer to the chart below.

If the device is found to have a manufacturing defect within 30 days from the date of purchase (based on the date of the official sales invoice, purchase vouchers, or warranty registration date), and an authorized Handiblox retailer confirms the performance failure, you may choose to have the device repaired, replaced with a device of the same type and specifications, or returned. If you choose to return or replace the device, please bring the device (including all parts, components, and original packaging) to the retailer’s location for a one-time refund of the purchase price or exchange for a new device. Retailers are responsible for determining the specific details of refunds and exchanges.

15. If I have other questions, who can I ask for help?

Please try to contact us via [email protected].